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Bob Levin


What's in the Membership Site

Below is just for starters

Who Am I
I am a techie by trade.

I have been in the computer industry for the last 40 plus years.

Yes I am old, but still feel like I'm 28.

I started out in the industry fixing real large computers system (IBM Mainframes) and all the devices that would attach to them. The Mainframe, Tape Drives, Disk Drives, Printer and so on.
Who Am I
I moved around the industry until I landed in Northern California, doing National Tech Support. I then moved to the education or training department.

I was working for one of the first company to network computers together, which was the fore-runner to our current internet.
I did tech support and training there.
Who Am I
A few years later I left and opened my own consulting company. I started fixing small company networks and computers. I would get them on the internet get them a domains names and website.

I begin branching out into helping Internet marketers.
CLoudflare Training
Cloudflare is the way to distrubet your web site and manage your internet presents
Cloud Storage Training
There are a lot of Cloud Storages companys. I have created trainng on AWS S3 and Wasabi.
New Trainging Added all the time
I create new trainig and add it to the membership all the time.

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